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Reasons Choice Of Real Estate Is Important

1. Personal allegiance: One of the primary responsibilities of a real estate agent, is realizing, and adhering to the commitment, you owe your clients, the highest degree of personal allegiance! It is both the legal, as well as ethical responsibility of a licensed, real estate professional! When choosing the best agent for you, evaluate how you relate to an individual, and trust them, with this amazing amount of responsibility and loyalty.

2. Fiduciary responsibility: Will he maintain the personal and professional integrity, so he, or she might provide, the degree of fiduciary responsibility, you, as a client deserves, and requires? Evaluate, both whether someone can keep a confidence / secret, and whether, you believe they possess the skills and abilities, which will best serve you!

3. Tell what you need to hear: The last thing a seller or buyer needs to hear, from their agent, is simply what you want to hear, or empty promises, etc! Hopefully you will find someone who adheres to my trademarked slogan, I’ll tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear!

4. Honest / integrity: Clients deserve, and should expect and demand, the utmost degree of honesty and integrity, from the professional, they hire!

5. Marketing system: When you interview potential agents, ask about their marketing system, and have each explain, in – depth, their reasoning, and how it will work for you! Avoid any one size fits all, agents!

6. Negotiations: Nearly everyone you speak to, and / or interview, will claim to be an expert, professional negotiator, so how can you tell, who the right one, might be. Begin by listening to how they present, verbally, as well as their non verbal skills! When you get to the all important, challenging discussion about commissions and fees, observe how confidently they discuss this, and how convincingly, they defend the fee, they suggest. Remember, if an agent can’t effectively defend his requested commission, how will he negotiate, in your behalf?

7. Proactive; energize; motivate: Observe how proactively, each individual appears. Does his manner, and body language, tend to energize, as well as enlighten.

Business Soar

Events are an amazing way to build your business database. Here are a few ways to make your event the best business builder possible:

  • Build your Brand – Do you know what Kleenex is? How about Ziploc bags? What about Styrofoam? What if I told you that every single one of these was a brand name, and not a product name. You need to strengthen the daylights out of your brand so that you’re the Cindy Bishop of real estate agents in your market. I’ll have future posts on how to build your brand if you want to read more about this topic.
  • Invite Everyone – There are all types of events so you should have no problem picking one that fits your style that a variety of people would want to come to. You can even have multiple events. The most important thing is to invite every single person you know and encourage each person to bring guests, so that you can expand your network and meet people you don’t already know. You can also invite local businesses as well. A friend of mine has appreciation parties for people in her area that are often not thanked enough for their jobs and service to the community. She has had events for the military, teachers, nurses, and other such first responders and school and hospital support staff. These people love to attend her functions because it makes them feel welcomed, appreciated, and important.
  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – So many people get so caught up into the details that they sweat the small stuff and don’t plan their party. Don’t become overwhelmed, don’t worry so much about the appeal of the event that you’re unable to start executing it. Just start doing something, take an hour or so each day to devote to the planning of your event, and the rest will fall into place. The most important thing is to just make it happen.
  • Make Your Brand Luxury – Your network is going to become a Fan Club if you do this thing right. Whatever events you have need to be top shelf. You shouldn’t spare any expense because this will be how you are remembered. People will think more highly of you or more poorly of you based on how you made them feel at this event. Plan it out and estimate the cost high, then find sponsors to pay for it. You shouldn’t have to put a dime into it, your contribution is your time that it took to organize and plan each detail of the event. Collect the sponsor fee’s in advance of committing to anything. Make sure you are giving them their money’s worth with a program guide, a displayed banner, or some other kind of mention of their name and services. Be careful here, if you’re promising someone that they can display or present at your event, that’s all you can do- you cannot promise them that your clients will use them for services, as that is unethical and illegal in many states. Check with your broker if you have any questions about what you can and cannot do regarding trades and marketing.

Steps To Better Real Estate Listings

1. Get the appointment: What will you do, in order to assure, you are able, to get in the door, to, at least, present, why, a homeowner, considering selling their house, should choose you, as their agent and representative? How much time, effort and attention, will you focus and commit, in order, to gain additional personal exposure, demonstrate your unique assets / approaches, and why you should be chosen? How will you get more appointments? Do you have a personal marketing and branding approach / system, which will positively distinguish you, and attract others, to you? Will you perfect, the techniques, and methods, which properly prepare you, to convincingly, address and answer any and all concerns and objections?

2. Listen before you speak: One must be careful, to make the presentation about the needs, concerns, priorities and goals, of the homeowner, rather than the tendency, to make it, all about you! Will you ask the right questions, and consistently focus, on what, might, best impact, the homeowner? Never assume you know, or have, all the answers, but, rather, be willing to listen effectively and thoroughly, before you speak!

3. Relevant presentation: When you present your listing presentation, how will you know, you are articulating, a relevant, meaningful, effective message? Will you merely discuss features, etc, or will you effectively communicate and articulate, in a benefits – based manner?

4. Make your presentation about them, not you!: How will you know, if you are addressing, the issues and concerns, which are most important, to a specific homeowner? Will you listen far more than you speak? Do you understand, for most people, their favorite sound, is the sound, of their own voice? You have two ears, and only one mouth, for a reason, so take advantage of this, and listen, at least, twice as often, as you speak. Explain thoroughly, slowly and completely, until you are convinced, and they acknowledge, they understand and agree!

5. Answer their questions and concerns, but don’t open up a Pandora’s Box!: Never assume you know what might concern someone, and never answer an issue, you perceive, as a concern, until it is asked! When you presume a concern, which doesn’t exist, you might create, problems which don’t exist! Always answer every question/ concern, however, thoroughly, completely, and to their satisfaction!

6. Close, and get the listing: Never fear discussing the commission, you feel you deserve, but, rather, emphasize, why you are worth it, and how you will best, provide meaningful, relevant, meaningful service! Realize, if you want the listing, you must take the time, and close, the deal, effectively. Provide the quality of service, which makes you distinct, real, and better!

Commercial Property for Lease

To choose a proper place we need to look for the right place where we can have our business running smoothly. In such cases many people rely on their own instinct and go ahead with their own strategy and plan to get a lease. They may succeed or they may fail. But if you are looking to get a commercial property for lease, you must always find a broker who knows the tricks of the trade. Getting a broker will help you in selecting the right properties in the area of your choice. Getting a commercial broker is not at all difficult as they are more than willing to find you the right place if you sign a small representation agreement and part with a little incentive. As they will be getting most of the fees from the owner, they will definitely secure you with the best deal available. If you are trying to lease a place in a small town where commercial brokers may not be available, you can search the public records yourself and have a deal fixed with the landowner. But choosing a broker in a big city will help you as the brokers work for the commissions and they will definitely try to get you the best deal available. Finding such a broker is not difficult at all especially if you are working with any real estate attorney.

As is the case while renting a residential property, you will find that the lease agreement is generally more inclined towards the benefits of the landlord. You have to be very careful about the terms and conditions as there are a few snags that remain almost in every agreement and if not addressed at the beginning, could dent your financial plans. Any commercial property for lease market is a cut-throat market, and any agreement should be prepared so that both the tenant and the owner get to receive benefit from the contract. As of current situation there is no fixed security deposit that you must pay and it varies a lot. You can use your negotiation skills to reduce the amount though. The general areas that may or may not be mentioned specifically in the agreement need to be addressed properly and you should come to a decision regarding the up keeping of the common areas. However, even if not mentioned, you are responsible for maintenance and utility of the area you have taken on lease. The tenure of lease may be fixed by both the parties and can range from anything from 2 years and more. If you want to leave the place before normal deadline, you must be ready to pay out the remaining period by giving a termination fee.