Reasons Choice Of Real Estate Is Important

1. Personal allegiance: One of the primary responsibilities of a real estate agent, is realizing, and adhering to the commitment, you owe your clients, the highest degree of personal allegiance! It is both the legal, as well as ethical responsibility of a licensed, real estate professional! When choosing the best agent for you, evaluate how you relate to an individual, and trust them, with this amazing amount of responsibility and loyalty.

2. Fiduciary responsibility: Will he maintain the personal and professional integrity, so he, or she might provide, the degree of fiduciary responsibility, you, as a client deserves, and requires? Evaluate, both whether someone can keep a confidence / secret, and whether, you believe they possess the skills and abilities, which will best serve you!

3. Tell what you need to hear: The last thing a seller or buyer needs to hear, from their agent, is simply what you want to hear, or empty promises, etc! Hopefully you will find someone who adheres to my trademarked slogan, I’ll tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear!

4. Honest / integrity: Clients deserve, and should expect and demand, the utmost degree of honesty and integrity, from the professional, they hire!

5. Marketing system: When you interview potential agents, ask about their marketing system, and have each explain, in – depth, their reasoning, and how it will work for you! Avoid any one size fits all, agents!

6. Negotiations: Nearly everyone you speak to, and / or interview, will claim to be an expert, professional negotiator, so how can you tell, who the right one, might be. Begin by listening to how they present, verbally, as well as their non verbal skills! When you get to the all important, challenging discussion about commissions and fees, observe how confidently they discuss this, and how convincingly, they defend the fee, they suggest. Remember, if an agent can’t effectively defend his requested commission, how will he negotiate, in your behalf?

7. Proactive; energize; motivate: Observe how proactively, each individual appears. Does his manner, and body language, tend to energize, as well as enlighten.